The Institute of Jet Propulsion and Turbomachinery enjoys an excellent reputation at national and international level and carries out intensive research activities in the areas of jet propulsion and turbomachinery (compressors, pumps and ventilators).

We offer independent-minded and dedicated individuals an opportunity to join our team working in interesting and diversified fields and collaborating on challenging and application-oriented research activities. You will be able to fall back on the support of our highly qualified team of staff as well as our technical and scientific infrastructure. Our close cooperation with well-known turbomachinery and jet engine manufacturers opens up interesting new horizons.

The Institute’s national and international research activities with well-known turbomachinery manufacturers are currently being expanded, so we are looking to consolidate our team.

Job descriptions for current vacancies are only available in German and can be found here.

Furthermore, we encourage all students with an excellent Master’s degree in engineering to apply. Candidates should also have good knowledge of aerodynamics and thermodynamics of turbomachinery.