Production facilities

Our production facilities have the capacity to provide highly accurate readings from our experimental investigations. This is enabled by the high-precision finishing of the various test rig components and measuring devices. All parts are manufactured by the institute’s own workshop, which has a 17-strong workforce working in the following fields:

  1. Machining
  2. Sheet-metal working
  3. Pipeline construction
  4. Precision engineering
  5. Assembly

The machining workshop is equipped with several numerically controlled machines. Different measuring tools allow us to check and control manufacturing precision. A 3-axis bed milling machine (ACME 1200) is available for the machining of large and heavy parts. Smaller high-precision components are produced on two 5-axis CNC machines (Hermle C600 U and Fehlmann Picomax 60M). A numerically controlled lathe (DMG NEF 500+) provides high-precision contoured parts.

3-axis CNC bed milling machine ACME 1200
CNC milling machines
5-axis CNC milling machine Hermle C600 U
NC lathe DMG NEF 500H
5-axis CNC milling machine Fehlmann Picomax 60M

Efficient integration of the layout, design and manufacturing ensure efficient and effective production flows. The programmes for the CNC machines are developed in-house, so that there is close interaction between design and machining.