Mechanical Design


Test Rig Design

CAD-Model of a Test Rig Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | IST

The IST operates five large rotating test rigs, five cascade and wind tunnel test rigs and two supply compressors. During the construction and modification of this large number of test benches, the IST has acquired a great deal of expertise in the design and construction of such facilities. IST has a great deal of experience in project management, as well as in the conception and implementation of superstructures and modifications of complex test benches.

Besides the planning of the actual test objects and test tracks, another challenge is the planning of the periphery. This includes work in the areas of pipeline construction, oil supply or cooling. Another important area of work is the creation of safety concepts that exclude any danger to persons and test facilities.


Measurement Technology and Probe Adjustment Devices

Turbomachines place high demands on the use of measurement technology. In order to obtain reliable and accurate measurement data, it is essential that this requirement is taken into account in the selection and design of measurement technology. IST offers a modular system for standard solutions for probes and rakes. In addition, IST has extensive experience in the design of customized solutions for special challenges. The miniaturization of measurement technology, while maintaining the same measurement accuracy, plays an important role.

Especially for probe measurement technology it is crucial to be able to precisely set and determine the measuring location of the probe. For this purpose, IST offers a variety of probe adjustment devices. Classical adjustment devices offer the possibility to move probes along the probe shaft axis and to rotate them around this axis. In addition, circumferential adjustment devices for use in round ducts and linear adjustment devices for use in rectangular ducts are also possible. Individual adaptation of the proven standard solutions is possible at any time. For example, adjusting devices can be equipped with active cooling for use at high temperatures.