Design and Manufacturing

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The high demand on the accuracy of the results obtained from the experimental investigations at the institute requires a precise manufacturing of the corresponding test bench and measurement components. Therefore almost all components are manufactured and assembled in the institute's own workshop.


The workshop currently employs 17 people who work in the fields of machining, sheet metal working, pipeline construction, precision mechanics and assembly. The IST has various numerically controlled production machines for chip removal, as well as equipment for checking the production results. A 3-axis bed-type milling machine (ACME 1200) is available for milling large components. Smaller components with high precision requirements are milled on two 5-axis CNC machines (Hermle C600U and Fehlmann Picomax 60M). Turning is performed on a cycle-controlled lathe (DMG NEF 500 plus).

The programming of the 5-axis milling machines is carried out by our own personnel, so that a well-functioning integration of the areas of design, construction and production guarantees a smooth process and best production results.