Wind Tunnels (IST)

  Wind Tunnel Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | IST

Several wind tunnels are operated at the IST in order to be able to investigate flow phenomena in detail. Due to their simple design, the test facilities can be quickly adapted to new research tasks.

  Machine hall at IST Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | IST

Distributed on the first floor of the large test hall are several test boxes with wind tunnels. All boxes are supplied with compressed air by the institute's own two compressors and a simultaneous operation of up to two test stands is possible.

Each box has a vibration-decoupled intermediate floor and additional connections for compressed air and water. Easy access via windows as well as cranes mounted in the boxes allow for facile and accurate installation of large components. Furthermore, the test boxes 1, 2 and 5 are equipped for class 4 laser measurements.

The wind tunnels located in the test boxes are used to model the complex flow phenomena occurring in turbomachinery and thus to investigate them more precisely and separately from other influences. The following test stands are currently operated in the test boxes

Linear Cascade Wind Tunnel

Annular Cascade Wind Tunnel

Hot Gas Wind Tunnel

Free-Stream Calibration Wind Tunnel

In addition, the other rooms contain a laboratory for calibrating pressure and temperature measurement technology, a GOM Atos Triple Scan optical measuring machine and the electronics laboratory.