Open Testcases

Open TestCase Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | IST

For the development and design of turbomachines and their components, numerical simulation methods are increasingly used. The accuracy of these calculation methods depends on the mathematical models and numerical methods used to describe physical reality. With the help of modern CFD codes, the complex three-dimensional flow through the turbomachine can be reproduced with a high degree of accuracy. For further improvement and validation of the methods, highly accurate measurement data sets for relevant test cases are required. Especially for the calibration of the semi-empirical turbulence and transition models for RANS flow solvers, experimental measurement data of realistic turbomachinery applications are of highest interest. The Institute of Jet Propulsion and Turbomachinery provides two centrifugal compressor and one turbine testcase freely accessible.

DLR-Testcase Copyright: © DLR | Institute of Space Propulsion

Numerical simulation methods are also used to predict elementary processes in rocket engines. For the validation of prediction tools, DLR's Institute of Space Propulsion provides testcases from the field of combustion instability. The testcase HF-1/4 deals with the damping in Lambda/4 absorbers. The other two testcases deal with the interaction of fuel conditioning and combustion with the acoustics in the combustion chamber. Testcase HF-6 deals with LOX/H2 combustion in a 5-injector combustion chamber under forced acoustic excitation. The testcase HF-7 deals with LOX/H2 combustion in a combustion chamber with 40 injectors, which shows self-excited acoustic excitations under certain operating conditions.