Equipment and research infrastructure

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In order to advance research in the various research fields, the IST has an extensive range of equipment and research infrastructure at its disposal. In addition to numerical simulation, a large number of test rigs are operated and further developed at the institute. For this experimental testing, a large part of the test items or the test rig periphery is manufactured in the institute's own workshop.


Numerical Methods

When complex technical phenomena cannot be fully captured experimentally or the testing of different component variants is too time-consuming and cost-intensive, modern simulation tools are used. Various numerical methods are used at the IST, e.g. to simulate the aerodynamics of a centrifugal compressor blade or the acoustics of a shrouded propeller. In addition to the application of simulation software, codes are also co-developed or further developed at the IST.

Test Benches and Wind Tunnels

Despite the increasing capabilities of simulation, experimental testing is an indispensable part of research. Various test rigs and wind tunnels are operated at the IST to validate simulation results or when numerical methods are not sufficiently accurate. Within research projects, the test benches are newly or further developed, which gives the IST great competence in the field of experimental testing.

Design and Manufacturing

The components to be tested as well as the test rigs are usually self-developed components which have specific requirements with regard to design and manufacturing. The IST has the infrastructure to design and manufacture these components internally. In addition, internal manufacturing accelerates the assembly of the test benches.