Research Activities

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At the IST, PhD students conduct research on experimental and theoretical problems in the field of propulsion technology and energy production. In addition to the classical topics, which only strive for higher machine efficiencies or broader characteristic fields, the researchers, together with industrial partners, develop new multidisciplinary solution approaches, which evaluate aspects with regard to a better compatibility with the environment (e.g. noise emissions) as well as a more precise prediction of the service life (e.g. aerodynamic and structural interaction). The extremely close connection to the leading national and international turbomachinery companies ensures that we can work on highly application-oriented problems.

Key elements for the research activities are, on the one hand, various highly instrumented large-scale test rigs (radial compressor, axial compressor and turbine test rigs) and four wind tunnels. The institute's own design department and workshop enables the planning and implementation of experimental projects. On the other hand, extensive high-performance computing capacities are available on the RWTH Compute Cluster and the JARA (Jülich Aachen Research Alliance) partition for numerical simulations.