Fields of Activity

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The fields of work pursued at the institute can be summarized in a model consisting of the three pillars experiment, simulation and method development. Although the computing power available today allows to simulate many complex problems, high-quality experiments are still needed for calibration and validation in numerical method development.

The scientists from the individual disciplines work in a complementary way to answer current research questions in the field of turbomachinery. An indispensable tool for this are power calculation programs, such as the GasTurb, which was co-developed at IST, for the preliminary design and recalculation of gas turbines. In the field of aerodynamic and structural-dynamic simulation and aerodynamic optimization, IST has extensive expertise. Various commercial simulation programs are used, supplemented by in-house developments. In the field of method development, IST participates in the code development of the DLR's flow solver TRACE. Another essential competence of the IST is the design and production of flow measurement techniques for cooperation partners and customers, as well as for use in the institute's own test benches and wind tunnels.