Basics of Turbo Machinery



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Turbomachinery plays an important role in many parts of our lives. They are the drives of almost all modern aircraft, they are used in the field of power generation and are an important component in plants of the process industry. At the same time, ever-increasing demands are made with regard to efficiency, emissions and performance. Meeting these challenges requires a deep understanding of the thermodynamics, aerodynamics, and structural mechanics of turbomachinery.

In this lecture, the basics of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics are applied to turbomachinery. After a general introduction to the fields of application of turbomachinery, the mode of operation of blade rows in turbines, compressors and pumps will be explained. The rows are then combined into stages. Their interaction will be investigated for use in single and multi-stage turbomachinery. Furthermore, different designs of machines and plants are considered and criteria for the selection of suitable designs for a given purpose are developed.

In addition to turbines, compressors and pumps, the basics of aerodynamics of wind turbines are considered. Due to the special design of wind turbines own calculation methods are necessary.

The lecture deals with the characteristics as well as the operating range limits of machines and plants. These are illustrated by the usual maps and diagrams in turbomachinery. On this basis, various control strategies for turbines and compressors are explained below. After that, the different operating influences on turbomachinery and its components are described and possibilities for reducing damaging influences are shown. Finally, the impact of energy conversion plants on the environment should also be considered.

This event is offered annually alternating with the Institute of Power Plant Technology, Steam and Gas Turbines, in short IKDG.



  • Operating principle of turbomachinery
  • Conservation equations and equations of state
  • Efficiency of turbomachinery
  • Rows and stages
  • Dimensionless parameters and laws of similarity
  • Interaction of machine and plant
  • Control of turbomachinery
  • Operating influences and wear

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