Applied calculation methods for turbomachinery



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Bachelor, Master


Turbomachines play an important role in many aspects of our lives. They power almost all modern aircraft, are used in power generation and are an important component in process industry plants. Ever higher demands are being placed on them in terms of efficiency, emissions and performance. To meet these challenges, a deep understanding of the thermodynamics, aerodynamics and structural mechanics of turbomachinery is required.

In this course, students themselves design the blading of a compressor stage under specified boundary conditions in small groups. For this purpose, the required physical basics are briefly summarized in the first terms. Building on this knowledge, the design process for a turbomachine is then run through. In addition to the aerodynamic design, for which typical calculation methods are used for the preliminary design, a structural-mechanical evaluation of the design is also carried out.

In the final exam, the small groups present the results of their design in the form of a presentation. In addition, there is an individual examination on the theoretical principles.



  • Predesign of a whole turbomachine using the mid-span method
  • Predesign of a turbomachinery blade via Joukowski transformation and the CAD program p- desk
  • Application of 2D CFD calculation methods (MISES: 2D Euler boundary layer method)
  • Application of calculation methods for the static and dynamic strength of the turbomachinery blade
  • Holding a review to present the results

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