Development of Sustainable Aviation Propulsion Systems II



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Institute of Jet Propulsion and Turbomachinery


Modern aircraft systems have an important role in the global transport of people and goods. Aircraft are an integral part of our transportation system and require efficient, high-performance and, in the medium term, climate-neutral propulsion systems for profitable and sustainable operation. In order to meet these requirements, a deep understanding of the aero- and thermodynamics in the different aircraft propulsion systems is necessary.

In the lecture series "Development of Sustainable Aircraft Propulsion Engines", the development process of an aircraft engine from the idea of an engine concept to maintenance is presented. An overview of the individual steps and the existing challenges will be provided. Current examples from research and development are discussed for a realistic view of the industrial approach.

In this lecture part ("Development of Sustainable Aircraft Propulsion Engines II"), the necessary steps and test for the certification of an engine are first presented. This is followed by a discussion of the special requirements and challenges involved in the manufacturing process.

The most important aspect in the field of engine technology is the reliability and safety of the engines. To ensure this, processes for maintaining and repairing the engines take on a high priority and are dealt with in this part of the lecture. Finally, there is an outlook on the future of aviation.



  • Certification tests of aero engines
  • Manufacturing process of aero engines
  • Maintenance, repair and operation
  • Perspective: Future of aviation