Examinations: Contact and Information


We offer examinations for our lectures every semester. You can register online via RWTH Online. Further information on the individual examinations can be found in the respective course in Moodle.

Allowed aids for the examination:

If nothing else is announced before the examination (Please note the announcements in Moodle), you may use a calculator which is

  • Not alphanumeric (devices that can display the complete alphabet in the display), and
  • Not programmable in a higher programming language (BASIC, FORTRAN, etc.) and
  • Not able to save and display formulas and / or diagrams

Furthermore, only writing and drawing tools (pen, set square, etc.) are permitted. The use of any other utensils is not permitted and can be regarded as an attempt to deceive. This applies particularly to mobile phones, Smartwatches and MP3 players.

If formulary are required for the exam, they will be provided for the exam. Self-printed variants are not permitted. Generally, there is enough space on the written exam forms to answer the questions. Do not use your own paper. Additional paper will also be provided by us.

An attempt to deceive leads to the failure of the examination. An oral supplementary examination is also no longer possible in this case.

Students must present their student ID and photo ID at all exams.

Any further questions about the exams? Please feel free to contact